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Dr Mindbender 82
20 February 1982
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Acquired educations at (or more aptly dropped out, expelled, sent to and rehabilatated from)

- Erskine Park High
- Boystown
- Emmaus
- Red Bank (Teen mental health clinic)
- St Vincents Boys Home
- Obley
- East Sydney High
- Whalen (Cheifly collage)
- Kingswood Tafe (Attempts at year 11 + 12)
- Mt Druitt Tafe (Tertiary preperation)

Worked as a concreter, common labouring (fencing mostly) Book store attendant, bar tender, bottle shop clerk, bouncer, crowd controller, loss prevention officer.

Ran a micro publisher with eight self published titles for eight months before running it into the ground. Played guitar and bass in a band, worked volunteer as a Roadie for Sydeny punk bands Drop Zone and Sydney Guns.

Self educated in Classical Literature, Philosphy (metaphysics and Epistermology mostly) and Phycology.

Currantly studying at Austrilian Catholic University with aims of becoming a high school English teacher working with kids suffering from dyslexic and ADHD related problems, (also working on sevral personal projects including a pet thesis on Fantasy and Post Modernism. Working on sevral novels and reading way too much)

Have long term plans to build a fortress in the middle of nowhere using land mines, sharks and corragated iron.